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Cookie Policy

Explanation of Cookies

"Cookies" are small text files placed on Users` hard drive that assist the Company in providing a more customised website experience. Cookies can store data on pages which User has provided key information for (e.g. when User provides a password) but only once User is asked and he accepts to the storage of this information. The Company uses these technologies to make navigation of the Websites easier for the User and to better deliver tailored content to the User.

What kind of Cookies the Company uses

Session cookies

These cookies are temporary cookies. These cookies are erased when the user closes the Web browser. The session cookie is stored in temporary memory and is not retained after the browser is closed. Session cookies do not collect information from the Users’ computer. Session cookies are used to retain the information you provide us with as you navigate through each section of our Website.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies may include both temporary and more persistent cookies. These type of cookies can track and gather data about what a User does in a website and for how long he uses the Website.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies record information about choices that User has made, and they also allow to the Company to tailor the website to suit Users’ needs Functional cookies record and save User’s choices to provide for a more seamless experience across the Company’s’ website. For example, by remembering Users’ language selection each time the User visits the Website.

Third Party cookies

These cookies are used by third parties and mostly by social media websites for example Google+, Facebook or YouTube. The third parties’ cookies are placed when the User is logged into their service, and the Company does not control the dissemination of these cookies. These cookies are session, analytical and functional, and determine if the User is logged into a social network already, and control bookmarking or sharing the Company’s’ content, or determine when viewing.

The reason that the Company uses Cookies

The Company, uses cookies to improve User experience, make the website work, enable site security and provide the business with marketing information about the site’s visitors.