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NAGA Trader

The smart & social way to trade the global markets

No matter what your level of experience or which assets you want to invest in and how, NAGA Trader has been developed with every type of trader in mind. Whether you want to trade alone, get copied or copy the trades of others, you simply can, easily and securely by joining the NAGA community.

NAGA Trader’s huge range of CFD assets, thematic portfolios and social features make it easy for you to invest in whatever you’re passionate about. We don’t stop there. If you don’t want to trade yourself, just set up your own personalized AI-roboadvisor CYBO and it’ll trade for you! You can even interact with other traders, discuss your strategies and secure your every trade with NAGA Protector – our smart risk management tool.
Get all this and more on web and mobile. What are you waiting for? Join the social trading revolution today!

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Join the world’s fastest growing social trading network and benefit from a large variety of features
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